Damon Motors continues to expand.

Next Stop: Latin America.

The company is teaming up with Auteco Mobility, a leading Latin American EV transportation company, to deliver Damon-branded motorcycles—including the HyperSport™, the world’s smartest, safest, most powerful, fully connected electric motorcycle—to the Latin American market. Additionally, Auteco plans to license aspects of Damon’s CoPilot™ safety warning system technology for use in their own Victory-branded motorcycles.

The joint venture aims to meet the demand of Latin American riders who crave safer, technologically-advanced, electric motorcycles.

 “Damon and Auteco Mobility jointly believe we need to deliver significantly safer motorcycles, while accelerating a clean energy future,” said Jay Giraud, founder & CEO, Damon Motors. “With this shared vision of motorcycle electrification, we’re excited to introduce the Damon Experience to this new region and customize our innovation to create the quintessential Latin American Damon motorcycle brand.”

“Damon’s high-performance HyperSport has captured the imagination of Latin American riders who crave safer, technologically-advanced, electric motorcycles,” said Jose Fernando Vasquez Gutierrez, chairman of the board, Auteco Mobility. “Together with Damon Motors, we look to fulfill this market need and deliver an ultra-premium, North American EV product line for the next-generation of motorcyclists.”

To learn more about the Damon/Auteco partnership, watch this video.