Knightscope and the K5 crime-fighting robot were in the national spotlight today appearing as guests on the popular CNBC morning show Squawk Box.

The K5 roamed the studio as Knightscope Chairman and CEO William (Bill) Santana Li talked about the benefits of the autonomous security robot and how it aims to protect people and property.

The segment included a deeper dive into some of the current and future capabilities of the security robot including its ability to see, feel, hear and smell, the ability to detect concealed weapons as well as weapons of mass destruction, and how artificial intelligence is being implemented for future features. Bill also announced the upcoming K-7, a 4-wheel autonomous security robot that can traverse more difficult terrain than the K3 and K5 models. Bill stated that there are no plans to build a weaponized security robot.

The economics of Knightscope’s security robots was discussed. Bill detailed the company’s machine-as-a-service business model and that the robots cost just $7 an hour to operate. Bill reiterated that the low cost isn’t aimed to eliminate human security guard jobs, but instead enhance overall security for a business.

Knightscope’s growth as a company was also profiled. To date Knightscope has 24 clients in 22 cities across five states and three time zones. Knightscope’s unique investment model, a mini-IPO, was also examined. Bill talked about the benefits of public funding saying “this is an opportunity for us to build a brand, seek clients, and seek investment all at the same time very efficiently.”

Finally, there was a short discussion on where robotics in society is headed. Bill painted an optimistic future predicting there will be more change in the next ten years than the past 100 combined. He predicts a “revolution” with robots having a “massive, massive positive impact on society.”

To watch the entire CNBC Squawk Box segment with Knightscope, click here.