By Angel Badagliacco

Our client Phone Halo has once again scored a huge hit! The Cobra Phone Tag, which features Phone Halo technology, was featured today on the nationally televised show Live! With Regis and Kelly with an audience of over 3 million people. Tech guru, Leo Laporte, included the Cobra Phone Tag in his segment on the hottest products featured at CES earlier this month. Leo explained the functionality of the product and how it enables your smartphone to help you find your keys, luggage and other valuables and how the tag on these valuables can help you find your smartphone.

Kelly joked that the problem with Regis is that he would lose both his keys and his phone. Kelly, even if that was the case – not a problem at all! The Cobra Phone Tag would send Regis an email with his phone’s last known location so he could swing by and pick it up – and probably find his keys at the same time.  You can read more about the The Cobra Phone Tag on the Live! With Regis and Kelly blog.

All this fresh off the win of the Popular Mechanic’s Editor’s Choice Award! Stay tuned, Phone Halo has more to come.