LMGPR helped position our “powered by Phone Halo” branding to raise visibility with targeted media coverage. They are passionate about our product and company and are a great addition to our team.
Christian Smith, COO, Phone Halo

The Loughlin/Michaels Group believes in our core values, are themselves avid users of our solution and have become an extension of our team. They quickly zoomed in our secret sauce, giving us greater insight to our market potential and simultaneously introduced us to key influencers aligned with our business vision.
Sudha Valluru, CEO of ViVu

The Loughlin/Michaels Group is top notch. They are on the ball, highly collaborative, creative, and experts at new media. They know how to zoom in on the critical components that leverage PR to achieve business goals.
Shahin Kahn, Vice President, Marketing 3Leaf Systems

We hired the Loughlin/Michaels Group based on their proven experience in working with media and infrastructure companies, tenacity with the press and the team’s industry-specific knowledge, all of which translates to substantial results.
Anshu Agarwal, vice president of product marketing for Ankeena

The Loughlin/Michaels Group is very good for start-ups as they see the gaps and can promote a company very well especially at a time when a company is just building its initial customers or sometimes no customers at all.
B.V. Jagadeesh, President & CEO, 3Leaf Systems

The Loughlin/Michaels Group wins clients by doing its homework, presenting a compelling proposal, and promising results. It keeps its clients by delivering results — period.
John Oh, Director, Citrix

The LMGPR team has the tenacity and the relationships with the must have media and bloggers, combined with the market knowledge we needed to successfully launch our company.
Ari Newman, President, filtrbox

We value LMGPR’s experience and expertise and their understanding and passion for our business.
Vikas Aggarwal, CEO, Zyrion

LMGPR’s strategic counsel coupled with the agency’s mix of traditional PR and new media contacts are what we need to successfully launch IDNTITI.
Sree Unnamatla, CEO, IDNTITI

LMGPR is a key to our successful communications program. They provide us with strategic counsel and the business acumen of senior members with expertise in traditional PR and new media.
Ashish Deshpande, CEO of frevvo

The Loughlin/Michaels Group is an extension of our marketing team. They continuously deliver great results with tenacity and creativity and go the distance every time.
Alan Elliot, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Mirapoint

The Loughlin/Michaels Group is very knowledgeable of the media, analyst and venture capital communities that provide us with more insight into the North America market. “We would not be able to launch our company successfully without their expertise. As a result, our time to market has been accelerated.
Deepak Vinchhi, President, nineMotion

The Loughlin/Michaels Group increased our market visibility with a highly focused launch campaign. As a result we gained momentum in key markets without spending a fortune.
Scott Rupple, Vice President, Marketing, PacketMotion

The Loughlin/Michaels Group is very experienced working with early stage companies. The team quickly assessed our needs and as a result accelerated our launch strategy into high gear producing outstanding results.
Ajit Deora, Founder and CEO, enKoo (acquired by Sonicwall)

The Loughlin/Michaels Group is very media savvy and understands traditional and new media approaches. They quickly increased our visibility with media and analyst cost-effectively.
Daniel Dalarossa, CEO and Founder of Cyclades

We have increased our market visibility tremendously with the Loughlin/Michaels Group on our team. The team is experienced in delivering PR results that will benefit the company long term.
Marv Tseu, President of ActiveReasoning