We’re in downtown Palo Alto this morning for the launch of one of our newest clients, appbackr.com. They make an amazing product, and we encourage you to check them out.

We met appbackr in June at the Launch: Silicon Valley pitch competition (They ultimately won that competition). Their idea was immediately provocative — giving iPhone and iPad developers the ability to sell their apps in bulk, instead of one by one. We cornered CEO Trevor Cornwell after the show and peppered him with questions — How does the model work? How does the distribution work? What’s the benefit to developers? Buyers?

It’s an idea that’s simple and ingenious. Developers list their app for sale on appbackr.com, and bring in buyers interested in buying units of those apps in bulk. Developers get paid up-front, instead of having to potentially wait months for a check from Apple. Buyers wait for their units to sell on iTunes, and earn a profit of up to 57 percent.

Here’s a quick link to coverage appbackr got today from Mobile Developer Magazine: http://www.mobiledevmag.com/2010/10/interview-with-appbackr-ceo-trevor-cornwell/

Congratulations team!