FWEEDid you know that fewer than one third of the leading 1,500 companies in the United States had even a single woman among their top executives in 2006 according to research from Columbia University?  Studies show that networking programs, coaching and mentoring have proven successful in helping women executives succeed. Lucky for us there is a non-profit organization for women who have achieved professional success to support one another by building meaningful relationships, exchanging ideas and openly sharing their collective wisdom with each other.

This month our agency is happy to announce our support of the non-profit organization Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives (FWE&E), a group of accomplished women leaders across a wide-range of disciplines and industries in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Forum, led by Wendy Beecham, a former senior vice president at LexisNexis Group, includes hundreds of well-respected senior-level women entrepreneurs and executives who share a passion for leadership and a desire to make a difference, such as Chris Shipley, co-founder and chairman, Guidewire Group, Bethany Mayer,  senior vice president, Blue Coat  and our very own Donna Michaels, founder of the Loughlin/Michaels Group.

On September 30, The Loughlin/Michaels Group  is excited to attend our first event with FWE&E, the 2009 Annual Achievement Award Dinner . This year’s theme  is “Pearls of Wisdom” and every year one woman is honored for her positive, sustainable impact on her profession,  community and the world. Previous award winners include Marissa Mayer, vice president at Google, Carol Bartz, chairman of Autodesk, Michelle Peluso, founder and president of Travelocity and Dawn LePore, president of Drugstore.com.

This year FWE&E will be honoring Padmasree Warrior, Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer, for her outstanding work with women in the math and science fields.  We’re glad to be associated with such an impressive group of women leaders!