It’s been a great (and busy) week for iSmartAlarm at CES! The company that is putting a “21st century spin on traditional security systems” unveiled its product at CES, launched an Indiegogo campaign and was inundated by press!











The fun began Monday night at PepCom’s Digital Experience with the official product introduction. Press from around the world got a sneak peek at the home security system that “utilizes the iPhone to put home security and home control in the palm of its users’ hands.”










The following day the hits started rolling in. CNET, Engadget and PCWorld were among the publications to write about iSmartAlarm and describe how the home security system “turns your iPhone into a home guard dog!” The stories were picked up by dozens of other publications and blogs both domestically and internationally.

As iSmartAlarm’s buzz began to spread across the Internet, the company then announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign is an opportunity for consumers to pre-order the iSmartAlarm at a price far below retail. You can watch the company’s Indiegogo video above.







Meanwhile CES continued and the hits just kept on coming! LMGPR was on hand all week to help facilitate interviews with press. iSmartAlarm was prominently featured in both  The San Francisco Chronicle and in Wired. The Wired piece was later picked up by CNN. TechCrunch also did an in-depth interview with iSmartAlarm from the floor of CES:

iSmartAlarm looks to build upon the momentum of CES. If this week is any indication, we’re expecting great things from iSmartAlarm as 2013 continues.