According to a recent article released by eWEEK, cell phone use increases the risk of brain tumors. The International cell phoneEMF Collaborative (EMF standing for Electromagnetic Field) released the report in order to draw attention to the “significant risk of brain tumors from cell phone use.” This called the largest case-control study ever to correlate the relationship between brain tumors and cell phone use.

This study has been in debate since cell phones first entered into our technology stratosphere. Yet, just this month, the International EMF has “confirmed” that there is a definite link between tumors and cell phone use. Even before the release of this report, people all across Europe people have been curtailing their amount of cell phone usage in order to avoid any potential risks involved in cell phone usage.

However, John Walls, vice president of public affairs for the CTIA (a group representing wireless carriers and handset makers in the U.S.), issued a statement disregarding the relationship between cell phones and brain tumors,  and according to him this statement is backed by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the World Health Organization and the U.S. FDA.

So who are we supposed to believe? Is cell phone usage in fact bad for our health?

Although there is compelling data on either side of the argument, I think the take-away here is that we need to decrease our cell phone usage- if not for physical than for our mental health. Nothing can replace the importance of human interaction…not even video messaging. When was the last time you walked down a street and didn’t see at least five people on their cell phones? What about in an airport? Or a restaurant even? Maybe this information can help begin to bring us all back to a world where catching up meant visiting friends, not leaving a voicemail.

So will Americans take a cue from their neighbors across the pond and wean off or maybe even stop using their cell phones? My guess is no. Unless the media starts to pound this study into our cell phone-dependent brains, there is no study or threat (even cancer!) that could get us to detach ourselves from this now ironically nicknamed life-line. 

To judge the study for yourself, check out a copy of the report here:

Or read the article with both sides of the debate here:

Cell Phone Use and Brain Tumors Article