TwitterThe buzz around Twitter is getting quite crazy these days. Last Friday (4/10), Oprah dedicated a show to Twitter. I wasn’t able to catch it – but the avid Oprah viewers didn’t miss the show and are now actively tweeting.

A recent article in TechCruch (@techcrunch) “How Many New Twitter Users Post-Oprah? A Lot. Maybe Over A Million,” discusses the impact of Oprah on Twitter subscriber rates. MG Siegler blogs about Engadget’s editor-in-chief Ryan Block estimates that the increase in Twitter subscriptions may be as much as 1.2 million as a result of Oprah’s show. MG states that this figure may be a little high – and that it’s likely around 700,000. Wow!  Talk about an increase on the site.

Moreover, the day before Ashton Kutcher (@aspluk) made his claim to the world and vowed to beat CNN and be the first account with one million followers. Perhaps people created an account for Ashton; perhaps they joined for Oprah. Whatever the reason, Twitter is growing exponentially and becoming a household name.

Here at LMGPR we are active participants on Twitter and understand the value it provides our clients. Social media is continuing to grow and people are turning to these online platforms to gain their information; thus, it’s imperative that our clients are sharing their news, story, and messaging with this community, through these outlets.

It’s time for you to turn on your inner celebrity and you never know when you might beat out Ashton or Oprah with more Twitter followers. Here’s to two million followers.

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