In August 2010, the Loughlin/Michaels Group started working with ViVu, a startup in the videoconferencing space – one saturated by many players, including the likes of giants WebEx, Microsoft and Tandberg. To take on these and other market competitors, the Loughlin-Michaels Group was hired to help position the company and its products as the disruptive videoconferencing solution in the market.

Communications Output

The LMGPR team quickly put its SysCom approach into effect assessing ViVu’s market opportunity, competitive landscape and key business benefits, comparing to incumbents – this is part of the agency’s Over the Horizon Planning stage. After developing leadership positioning to rival the competition, the agency created a custom media and social media program designed to elevate ViVu’s voice in the market. Introducing the company to a new host of editors and bloggers was vital to the media strategy. Key media coverage immediately resulted, including stories in ReadWriteWeb and technology blogs, such as The New Global Enterprise and TechIT. Social media included a custom “How to Use” video for YouTube and influencer communication with Twitter, including dialog with influencers like Robert Scoble and Ken Molay. As part of the social media program the agency held a “Meet the Experts” dinner with founder Sudha Valluru and Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher and Ryan Lawler, GigaOm. The dinner resulted in coverage appearing in GigaOm in mid-September.

At the 2010 AlwaysOn conference event, ViVu’s products were used to broadcast the conference’s sessions/content to millions worldwide. This also served as a basis to demonstrate use of the service with an iPad for the first time. LMGPR created an educational video about the iPad compatibility – this was an Honoree Mention by the Marcom Awards in the video category.

Additionally, LMGPR has provided partner/customer relationship support and developed press releases (Amazon, TIECon). The team regularly leverages these relationships with media in daily discussions. The priority for the LMGPR team was also helping ViVu refine its positioning and messaging and, most importantly, reflecting this in media outreach to Tier 1 media, niche bloggers and other analysts/influencers provocative in the space.

  • Successful AlwaysOn event with timed coordination of press release, media outreach, Twitter content, and video. We opened the doors with media/influencers, received several Tweets on Twitter (including shout-outs from important authorities like Scoble) and were officially on the map as a company whose “products should be watched!”
  • Nearly 20 stories placed from August-October 2010
  • Nearly 20 briefings secured in two months, including two in-person meetings with former FT journalist and Silicon Valley Watcher blogger Tom Foremski & GigaOm writer Ryan Lawler where ViVu was able to demo their product live on the iPad
  • Hundreds of mentions on Twitter
  • Speaking engagement secured for ViVu’s CEO at IT Expo West
Business Outcomes

ViVu reported increases in business development activity and overall visibility in the market and on social channels, including a mention on Skype’s website as Favorite of the Month in October 2010. This was the first time a video collaboration service provider was listed by Skype in such a capacity.