Reppler Logo

In 2011, Reppler, a new venture-backed startup launched to provide consumers with a tool that allows them to monitor their online social reputation. Norwest Venture Partners recommended LMGPR based on their proven experience working with security and consumer companies. LMGPR took the company from stealth mode to a hot company to watch in the online reputation management category.

Communications Output

LMGPR first worked with Reppler to develop consumer and press-friendly messaging, branding and name using our SysCom approach. LMGPR developed Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms and content; synchronizing it with traditional media. LMGPR created a traditional funding and technology news release coupled with a digital press release for media and bloggers. The digital release drove bloggers and influencers to the social media properties and websites. Lastly, the agency created a series of video chalk talks with the company’s CEO and technology team for further market education. To view the videos go to:

  • LMGPR briefed 15 key media prior to the Reppler launch
  • In-person meeting with Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, top consumer technology columnist
  • During the company’s initial launch LMPGR secured more than 30+ original articles
  • Key editorial placements included coverage in The Today Show, New York Times, Venture Beat, Fast Company, PC World and All Facebook
  • In 48 hours since the initial launch, Reppler reported to have over 12,000 subscribers of the online tool worldwide
Business Outcomes

LMGPR helped introduce Reppler to the public, using traditional and social media, LMGPR was able to raise awareness of this up-an-coming company as well as educate consumers on the importance of maintaining clean online reputation. In addition, PR exposure had helped raise the company’s visibility to key investors for additional funding. LMGPR was able to position Vlad Gorelik, founder of Reppler, as an expert an in maintaining a clean online reputation.