iSmartAlarm is a smartphone-enabled home security and home control system that was introduced at CES 2013. For the product launch, iSmartAlarm had two goals: to garner press coverage and media attention from the unveiling at CES and to generate awareness surrounding the launch of their 45-day Indigogo crowd funding campaign.

Communications Output

Using the LMGPR Pulse process, LMGPR created an aggressive media and social media PR campaign designed to build awareness and conversations before, during and after CES. Prior to CES, LMGPR created solid blogger and media relations   to drive excitement to the CES sneak preview.  AT CES, LMGPR was present to extend the media reach to the who’s who editorial community attending CES.   Following CES   Additionally, LMGPR carried out a social media campaign chronicling the events of CES and interacting with blogger and media outlets. The social media campaign created a steady drum beat of conversations, Tweets and reTweets with several hundred key influencers following the company out of the gate.


Through its outreach, LMGPR was able to secure more than 100 pieces of coverage and millions of impressions from media outlets such as CNET, PC World, CBS News, TechCrunch, Engadget and others.  The coverage generated traffic on the Indiegogo site where hundreds of preorders were taken for the alarm systems.  As a result, iSmartAlarm raised over $15,000 in funding three days after the initial start of the Indigogo campaign and well on its way to reach (and surpass) their $50,000 funding goal. Leveraging LMGPR Pulse the agency was able to mirror the business objectives to the PR objectives and yield quick proactive results.

“LMGPR has their finger on the pulse of the media who’s who securing us more than 100 pieces of editorial coverage in two months.  We went from stealth to leading market conversations with their teamwork and expertise.” Raymond Meng, Founder and President, iSmart Alarm.