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In 2010, Infineta, a new venture-backed startup with the goal to deliver a highly accelerated inter-data center fabric solution for enterprises, wanted to come out of stealth mode. The company had several challenges – their product would not be available for a few quarters and they didn’t have any customers. Infineta hired the Loughlin/Michaels Group (LMGPR) based on their proven experience working with infrastructure companies combined with their SysCom Approach. Together Infineta and the Loughlin/Michaels Group teamed to take the company from stealth mode to disruptive player in the network infrastructure space.

Communications Output

LMGPR applied its proven SysCom approach in developing a customer launch and long term PR program for Infineta. Building strong analyst relationships was a key component to the agencies. Over the Horizon strategy targeting the top enterprise analyst influencers to build advocacy and garnered briefings with a dozen of the top firms including IDC, Gartner, EMA, Mesabi Group and Storage Strategies Now. Additionally, Infineta commissioned an independent research study with Forrester Research addressing the industry’s pain points that was then used for market education. Leveraging social media to move community sentiment and dialog was key for the company’s launch success. LMGPR developed Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms and content; synchronizing it with traditional media. LMGPR created a traditional funding and technology news release coupled with a digital press release for media and bloggers. The digital release drove bloggers and influencers to the social media properties and websites. Lastly, the agency created a series of video chalk talks with the company’s CEO and technology team for further market education. To view the videos go to

Communications Impact
  • LMGPR briefed 12 market analysts and secured 4 advocate quotes during the initial launch of the company
  • During the company’s initial launch LMPGR secured more than 40 original articles
  • Key editorial placements included coverage in Tech Crunch, VentureBeat, CNBC, Network World, Reuters and eWEEK
  • Coverage in 128 syndicated press articles
  • 400+ tweets about the launch
  • More than 1,000 video views on YouTube
  • More than 9,000 mentions online
  • New beta users and met potential sales leads
  • Infineta selected to speak at Interop 2010
Business Outcomes

The Loughlin/Michaels Group helped introduce Infineta to the public, its SysCom approach to build results driven PR program to build market visibility and market education. John Oh, vice president of marketing for Infineta, speaks candidly about the agency’s impact on positioning the company as a thought leader and market contender against established players. Go to