Brinqa provides organizations with an integrated risk analytics platform that helps enterprises extract knowledge from their big data for better decision-making. The company launched in 2011 with little fanfare and had no real perception with business press and verticals. In early 2013, LMGPR began a comprehensive thought leadership/mindshare PR campaign to increase Brinqa visibility with key press and analysts. As a result, we garnered tremendous results with several key hits with key media.


Brinqa had no active PR activities for over two years. With little to no press interaction, Brinqa essentially was “off the map” in regards to key media and press. Despite being an early leader in the Risk Analysis space, any interaction with media and analysts resulted in Brinqa being lumped in with Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) vendors. In addition, their messaging was confusing and needed to be revamped to be more press/public-friendly.

Custom Program

LMGPR first worked closely with the Brinqa team to develop a new simplified and media friendly messaging platform that better conveys the company’s product and goals. After message development, LMGPR laid out a well-thought out PR plan with the explicit goal of making Brinqa relevant again and bring them back into the industry conversation. First, LMGPR executed their analyst relations program and arranged a series of meeting with key industry analysts firms, such as Aberdeen, Forrester and Gartner to get in key analysts’ radars for inclusion in upcoming reports. In addition, LMGPR worked closely with Brinqa on a Forrester webinar on risk analytics and created lead generation materials as well assisted in the coordination and management of the event.

Following an effective analyst relations program, LMGPR sought out to re-introduce Brinqa to key media and positioning the company as an up-and-coming player in the risk analytics market. LMGPR developed a series of thought-provoking topics the company executives could address with the media, analysts and greater community. Brinqa met with key business and industry press such as The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and Network World. Key program strategies included an aggressive contributed articles program and a blend of traditional and new media tools as well as regularly monitoring industry trends and stories to engage in Rapid Relevant Response on behalf of Brinqa.


Since LMGPR assumed PR responsibilities on behalf of Brinqa, the company is now perceived as a forward thinking innovator in the burgeoning risk analytics category. Through a well-executed analyst and media program, Brinqa was featured in TechCrunch and several key industry publications such as Network World, Computerworld and American Banker. In addition, LMGPR was able to further establish Brinqa’ s thought leadership with a series of contributed articles on risk analytics in key publications , such as Infoworld, Risk Management Magazine, Information Management, and Venturebeat.

Business Impact

The infusion of editorial and analyst coverage has increased the company’s visibility with funding prospects, customers and technology partners. Through LMGPR’s consistent public relations programs, Brinqa successfully reintroduced the company after a long period of PR inactivity and strongly positioned the company as a technology innovator.



  • Since March 2013, Brinqa has received significant coverage in various trade and financial publications and blogs.  Total Impressions: 5,563,768


  • Increase in traffic and frequency of Tweets (+100 followers since March 2011)
  • Significant engagement with top influencers, including Rob Enderle, InfoWorld’s Paul Krill, and Computerworld’s Brad Reed.