If you are a happy Microsoft Office Communicator user, this will change the way you and thousands of enterprises operate and conduct business worldwide.

ViVu has teamed up with Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator) to release VuRoom multiparty videoconferencing for Microsoft Lync. This new feature will enhance Lync’s instant communication abilities by delivering full-featured videoconferencing and business collaboration tools.

Some of you may be thinking, I thought Microsoft Office Communicator already offered videoconferencing?  And you would be correct, but now, ViVu brings entirely new groundbreaking features to this tried-and-true tool. VuRoom for Lync provides HD videoconferencing for up to eight attendees, and can even include attendees from outside the Lync network. Instead of only seeing the active speaker, VuRoom also allows you to see everyone participating in the conference, which can be important for reading the silent (yet oh-so telling) expressions of your clients or coworkers.

This announcement made a big splash over the holiday weekend in the media and the twittersphere. In fact, Stuart J. Johnston of Internetnews.com wrote here, “Among the advantages of VuRoom for Lync are that it doesn’t require any software installation on the clients, or any additional special hardware,” while well-regarded influencer Ken Molay said here “[VuRoom offering for Lync] potentially makes the solution more attractive to medium and large enterprises who want to consolidate applications on the Microsoft platform.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what ViVu comes up with next – congrats!