blueawardribbonEvery year the industry trade shows for computers and electronics issues awards.  Best products, best new products, best of show are announced at Interop, RSA, CES and other venues.

While watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, I realized that best of show isn’t always based on the bet but on the popular opinion.  Adam Lambert out rocked Kris Allen hands down during the entire season of American Idol.  Likewise, did Giles Marini over Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson.   If you followed the judges’ scores versus the public vote you would also note that both sets of show judges were more spot on in their top picks.  In my opinion America voted not for the most talented but for the most popular based on public appeal.  Shawn Johnson is a fantastic athlete but not the most gracefully and appealing to watch on the dance floor.  Whereas Gilles glided onto the dance floor like Fred Astaire in an old matinee.   Flash back to American Idol and we have a polished performer with an amazing music range against a middle America folk singer more apt to be found in a college café. 

So how does relate back to technology awards?  Best doesn’t always mean you’re the best but at least in the case of Interop the best products are selected by the Network Computing judges versus the general attendee population.   I’ve been at previous Interop awards ceremonies and on pins and needles as a finalist with a client.  The amazing thing is that our client, a small pre-funded networking company, won over a very large publicly traded company.  So based on this experience I vote that we get rid of the public poll in popular TV shows such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  Yes, the judges might have some biased opinion at any given point but at least they are qualified to judge compared to the general public.  However, until the mainstream venues eliminate the popular voting scheme…remember your vote matters and if you don’t the best of show will likely not win as we note here. [polldaddy poll=1652747]