By Grace Koh and Arlene Go


As we see fall sneaking around the corner, it’s back to school for the kids, back to juggling school pickups, back to coordinating the family schedule, and just basically back to doing a million things at once.

In the midst of all the chaos that life brings, here are some simple apps to keep in mind as you try to make some sense of your schedules.

Flipboard – Your Personal Magazine


Whether your day is full of family activities, work projects, or rushing in and out of classes, there arise moments of occasional downtime. There’s not quite enough time to sit down with a laptop or a physical newspaper, but maybe the perfect amount of time to catch up on what’s going on around you. An app called Flipboard can help you do just that with ease.


Once set up with the topics of (your) interest, you are able to literally flip through pages and read articles and posts from various news outlets like The Huffington Post and The New York Times. All of these articles from these different publications can be accessed through one easy app and a couple easy flips. So next time, instead of rechecking the email you just checked on your phone, tap open Flipboard and catch up on some current events that you wouldn’t normally find time for.

Cozi Family Calendar: The Surprisingly Simple Family Organizer

Cozi 1

Cozi makes managing family schedules easy. We are always on the go, so why depend on a family calendar that hangs on a fridge or wall?  With Cozi, you can:


  • Import your Google Calendar for an extra quick start.
  • Get reminders so no one misses soccer practice or an important appointment.
  • Send an agenda email for the upcoming week to any family member you choose.
  • Quickly enter appointments using your own words, “Lunch noon tomorrow”.
  • Add Internet calendars, including personal or public iCals to your family calendar.
  • Use Cozi’s schedule feature to enter recurring activities like sports practices and childcare.
  • Get your appointments right on your desktop with the Cozi family calendar gadget.

Life360: The New Family Circle

Life 360

Life360 is a Family Locator App that lets you locate family members and quickly communicate with them.

Life360 2

With Life360, you can see where your family and friends are on a private map, stay in touch with group and one-on-one messaging, and get help in an emergency.

Venmo: Make and Share Payments

Venmo 1

Pay anyone instantly using money you have in Venmo or link a bank account or debit card in seconds.  Pay the sitter, collect money from a friend after you take her kids to the movies, etc.

Venmo 2

You’ll both need to create an account, but simple setup makes it easy to transfer to-and-from bank accounts.

Apples2Oranges: Price Comparison and Unit Conversion Calculator


With Apples2Oranges, you can compare prices, nutrition values and unit conversion platform.


Apples2Oranges allows users to easily figure out what the better deal is, as well as which product has the best nutritional bang for their buck!

All of these apps have proved helpful for many of us here at LMGPR. We hope they do the same for you!