It’s Friday night and you’ve suddenly been tasked with securing dinner reservations at a Bay Area hotspot.

The problem? A) you don’t know any hotspots and B) IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT!

Where do you even begin?


BeeLine is a social dining service that provides premier culinary experiences with a personalized touch. The company has teamed up with some of the hottest restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to not only ensure reservations, but to offer unique, customizable dining events. With BeeLine, members have the flexibility to dine last minute and have a custom table come to them from the convenience of their mobile device.

How does it work? It starts with an app:


BeeLine’s intuitive app for iOS and Android gives you a list of restaurants, availability and special offers. BeeLine members get access to VIP perks including a special tasting menu, an opportunity to meet the chef and exclusive access to all-inclusive, prepaid food and beverage packages.

With the push of a button, BeeLine has just solved your dining dilemma of “Where are the best restaurants and when can I get in?”

Beeline-Belsito Photo Aug 2014

BeeLine is the brainchild of Nick Belsito. A food industry veteran who has traveled the world extensively, Nick has found that “food is the key to the soul of its people.”  He founded BeeLine to to connect amazing restaurants with customers looking for a unique food adventure, even at a moment’s notice. Nick also believes in giving back, as a portion of every BeeLine restaurant reservation is donated to a local food bank to help fight the hunger epidemic.

While BeeLine has just launched in the San Francisco Bay Area, other major metropolitan destinations are on the horizon. To become a BeeLine member, download the free app on the BeeLine website.

Bon Apetite!