Arris was just named to a coveted industry list.

The manufacturing technology pioneer has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s “10 Most Innovative Manufacturing Companies of 2021.”

Arris was recognized for its proprietary Additive Molding technology, which creates advanced carbon fiber alternatives to metal and can be produced at the same efficiency as plastic-molded products.

Here’s what Fast Company had to say about Arris’ innovation:

“Introduced in 2020, Arris Composites‘ Additive Molding technology combines additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) with molding techniques to make parts that are stronger, lighter, and cheaper than metal. The process significantly cuts down on the cost of super-strong carbon fiber products (traditionally only available to performance applications like the aerospace and automotive industries), and can be produced on a mass scale.”

The Fast Company award is the latest industry recognition for Arris. Most recently, Arris’ Additive Molding won the BIG Innovation Award for advances in manufacturing and its Carbon Fiber Truss won a GOOD DESIGN Award and a Red Dot Award: Design Concept, the largest professional design concept competition in the world.

We’re proud to partner with Arris and are looking forward to great things from the company in 2021 and beyond.