By Ashley Albert

If your life is anything like mine, there’s not enough time to spend skimming through the bazillions of apps that are currently on the market. I have both an iPad and an Android cell phone, and with commuting, working and socializing, I’m looking for ways to simplify my busy mobile lifestyle. So I’ve decided to delve deeper into those top-rated apps and weed out the ones that don’t do much. Here are my recommendations:


For Apple:

Auto Park – “Say Goodbye to parking tickets!” This app aims to keep money in your wallet, as it reminds you when time on a parking meter is about to run out. This app could put Meter Maids out of business!

Gigwalk – Have you ever needed a few more bucks to pay those unexpected bills? This app will alert you when there is a small job available in your area. The example given in the iTunes store is “go check if there is a road block at a certain location!” Easy four bucks, right?

Giftplan – If you can never remember what people’s favorite colors are or when their birthday is, this app is right for you. What it does is allow you to create tiny profiles of your friends, so when it’s time to buy a gift, you just look them up and voila! Gift shopping finally made easy.

Flipboard – Instead of having to log in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and then browsing the web after you’ve finished there, Flipbook allows you to do all of these things simultaneously. This app is specifically for iPad users only.

For Android:

We Reward – Similar to Gigwalk where you can do little jobs around your area to make some extra cash.

My Coffee Card Pro – This app prevents the deep dig through the purse or wallet for a credit card. You can now purchase coffee at Starbucks just by swiping your phone. It’s in your hand already anyway so why not avoid that extra effort?

Grades: Student Organizer – If you have kids or if you’re still in school yourself this app comes in very useful. This will keep track of your grades and projects and lets you know where you stand in class. This app may make it more difficult to use the “Dog ate my homework” excuse!

For Both Apple and Android:

Log Me In Ignition – Have you ever needed a file from a computer at work, but forgot to send it to yourself? With this app, you can get that file. It’s $29.99, but if that happens to you a lot, it’s worth it.

Bump – This is a really cool app. If you’re one of those people that hate it when you have to sit there and enter in contact information when you meet someone or just want a faster way to share information, this app helps you do that.

myBantu – Translation: “a trusted personal assistant that works exclusively for you.” This app provides relevant and personal entertainment recommendations based not only on YOUR likes and dislikes, but your Facebook friends, experts and the World Wide Web. It’s a one-stop shop to plan your next restaurant, shopping, or movie outing. It truly is a smart digital assistant that is catered to who you are.


What apps do YOU use to make YOUR life easier?