Playing outside is a way of life for most kids. It allows them to make friends, gain independence and create memories. But for parents, letting their kids out of their eyesight can be a stressful time. Not knowing where their kids are, if they are safe, or if they are making good decisions can be the source of added anxiety.

So how do parents strike a balance between letting their kids be kids while giving themselves peace of mind that their children are safe?


Well, that’s where the AmbyGear Smart Watch comes in…

The AmbyGear Smart Watch keeps kids safe in public while allowing them to be more independent at the same time. It features downloadable educational games and apps that teach life lessons, promote outdoor recreation and help kids gain more freedom and confidence to explore the environment around them. It also offers parents peace of mind, allowing them to keep an eye on their children from the convenience of their smartphone with features including text messaging, boundary alerts and GPS location.

This video shows how the AmbyGear Smart Watch is benefitting parents and kids alike:

The AmbyGear Smart Watch is the brainchild of Founder & CEO Patrick Muggler. The father of two has experienced firsthand the stress and anxiety of losing track of his own children. One day his daughter went missing at Home Depot. While it took just 10 minutes to locate her, it felt like hours. A few years later, Patrick’s wife was on a bike ride with their son and daughter, when their son took a shortcut down a path. This time, Patrick’s child actually did go missing for hours before eventually being found. While Patrick’s experiences both had happy endings, it inspired him to create the AmbyGear Smart Watch.

AmbyGear 4

AmbyGear has launched an Indiegogo campaign to allow parents to preorder the watch at an introductory launch price of $99. Full retail price will be $129. Visit the AmbyGear Indiegogo campaign at