(Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay)

By Donna Michaels

As business around the world react to the Coronavirus, many are allowing employees to work remotely.

Working remote can present connectivity and engagement challenges for employees used to working in a traditional office.

There are, however, numerous tools to keep workers connected without being over-connected. At LMGPR, we’ve maintained a successful remote workforce over the years. Here are some of our favorite remote work tools at that we use on an ongoing basis:


Zoom – For secure group meetings, Zoom is our preferred platform of choice. It is the most streamlined, has easy-to-use meeting set up, sharing, and you can even add a cool “wish you were here” travel background.

Skype – Great for instant chatting without your phone blowing up in texts. We also use Skype regularly for video discussions and recordings with our international clients.

Text – We prefer that texts be the 911 of “can’t wait to share” or as a news alert communication tool.

Voice – We text so often that we almost forget the sound of our own voices sometimes, let alone someone else’s voice. Plus things do tend to get lost in translation in text and email from time-to-time. Do something old fashioned and pick up the phone!


Google Drive – Dump and share everything from documents, calendars and spreadsheets into the Google cloud. Google made it easy-to-use and manage.

Dropbox – Collaborative sharing of photos and graphics make editorial deadlines a snap with Dropbox. It’s safe, secure and always there.

LinkedIn – Stay connected with your vendors and clients easily in LinkedIn postings and messaging.

Those are some of our favorites. What remote tools do you use to stay connected?