By Michael Erwin

“SocialGuard did what it promised, and I believe it could be a real benefit to parents and children alike…”Walter S. Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal. 

LMGPR has delivered the goods again! Using our systematic approach to public relations called SysCom, we’ve landed our client Check Point in the July 28 edition of The Wall Street Journal—front page of the Personal Technology section.

The Wizard of Personal Technology Walt Mossberg takes an in-depth look at ZoneAlarm SocialGuard, a product that helps protect children from social threats on Facebook.

In the column, Mossberg gives Social Guard a glowing recommendation: “… if you’re a parent with limited time who worries about your child’s safety on Facebook, yet wants to give her some privacy, SocialGuard is worth trying.”

In addition to its front-page status, the column was also picked up by several media outlets online.

This is the kind of national exposure that SysCom aims to deliver. Using our Strategic Story Engine, we are able to generate story ideas that result in our clients being placed in these types of distinguished publications.

Recently, another of our clients, FireEye, was the focus of a four-page feature spread in Businessweek. We’ve also just completed a media tour with Metrogames CEO Damien Harburguer, who met with top Bay Area and national gaming & tech publications.

We take pride here at LMGPR in seeing our clients receive the recognition they deserve. It’s not only a boon for our clients, but also a feather in our own cap. Landing a client in The Wall Street Journal isn’t easy, but it’s worth every orchestrated minute to see our clients in neon lights.

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