I know what you’re thinking, “everyone uses social media daily, how on Earth could social media stop in 2010?!” Well we know social media is an important tool used daily for professional and personal use. It has become a common source for social interaction in our society; however, some people have become overwhelmed by social media. So overwhelmed in fact, they are taking a hiatus from all of their social network sites. The best known example of a social media “cleanse” is with John Mayer, one of the most social media savvy celebrities in the world.

TechCrunch reported that John Mayer was asking his fans and followers (he has 2.8 million followers on Twitter alone) to participate in a “One Week Digital Cleanse.” The reason behind his detox from social media: “to ring in the new year with a slightly less chaotic mental state.” John Mayer believes that all of our interactions with our friends and family across these different forms of social media are causing our minds to become fragmented and scattered. He isn’t giving up his email or cell phone, so he is still communicating with people, but instead of getting small pieces of information through multiple resources, he’s communicating directly and greater detail.

Another service helping with this new social media cleansing trend is Web 2.0 Suicide Machine, an online service that not only deletes all of your social networking profiles but permanently restricts you from joining them again. TechCrunch broke down how the service works; it completely deletes your online presence and is absolutely irreversible. An example of how the service works is on Facebook it removes all your friends one by one, removes your groups and joins you to its own “Social Network Suiciders,” and lets you leave some last words. It removes all of your images and will not allow you to sign back into Facebook to reclaim your account. It means exactly what it says, this is social media suicide, not taking a break like John Mayer and coming back to your social networking. Drastic but effective.

So what’s with this trend in social media detoxing and deleting? Social media has been evolving into more than social networking; it has become a lifestyle. Some people have had their lives taken over by social media and now it’s time for a little break.

Will you be taking a break from social media in 2010?