The RSA Conference, the largest security conference in the world, was a huge success this year; especially for two of our clients, FireEye, Inc. and Net Optics, Inc. The top trends around the show floor this year were the “Operation Aurora” attacks, Adobe Systems’ recent security flaws and how unsafe social networking can actually be. FireEye and Net Optics were in the center of all the action discussing the hottest security topics while demoing their products at their booths.

FireEye had a major presence at the show this year. Not only did the company have a booth at the show where they demoed the company’s Modern Malware Protection Systems, FireEye’s Chief Scientist Stuart Staniford, PhD, spoke at the event with a session titled “Web Malware Tech: Obfuscation and Other Evasion Technology.” The session covered the latest modern malware infection techniques used to elude conventional security technologies, and review the latest advances in malware analysis for IT security professionals to help them more effectively protect their organizations.

FireEye’s Chief Security Architect Marc Maiffret wrote a booklet title “Modern Malware: Exposed” with a foreword by Robert Lentz, former Chief Information Assurance Officer (CIAO) for the Department of Defense (DoD). FireEye hosted a booklet signing event on Wednesday evening after the conference where the company introduced the booklet. The “Modern Malware: Exposed” booklet analyzes recent stealth targeted attacks, such as “Operation Aurora,” and how the victims of these major attacks (such as Google, Adobe, Dow Chemical amongst many others) could have been protected from this modern malware far before the outbreak.

Net Optics had multiple announcements prior to attending RSA, including media alerts and the release of their 40G monitoring access solution, all culminating with the release of Director Pro – the first network security and monitoring tool that combines gig zero delay, deep packet inspection (DPI), and dynamic load balancing. Net Optics lead several video and live discussions about the importance of passive monitoring, the importance of zero-latency, and how intelligent network access can improve the health of any network.

Along with the promotions and marketing team, Sharon Besser, VP of technology, was also in attendance to discuss the solutions, the evolution and vision of their products, as well as Net Optics’ outlook for the future. At their booth, they also had their family of taps, Xstream, and Director family of products on display for attendees to see and learn about.

Overall, both clients had great success at the event, and the Loughlin/Michaels Group enjoyed attending. It was a great way to see what is current in the world of tech security live, and in person. Many of the booths were entertaining, and we gathered a lot of ideas for promotions for future events. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!