LMGPR Case Study:


Bastille, the first cybersecurity company to detect and mitigate threats from the Internet of Things (IoT), is the first and only company to completely secure the Enterprise by identifying airborne threats and allowing for preemptive response. Through its patented proprietary technology, Bastille helps enterprise organizations protect cyber and human assets while providing unprecedented visibility of wireless IoT devices that could pose a threat to network infrastructure.

Launched in stealth in 2014, Bastille was at the forefront of IoT security, understanding that airborne threats pose a clear and present business danger. With an official platform product launch planned for 2016, Bastille was looking to raise its visibility to attract potential investors, partners, and consumers. One of the company’s main challenges was to make the case for IoT security. There had yet to be a major hack attributed to IoT, resulting in a false sense of security amongst companies and the media, along with the belief that the need for IoT security was not critical.

Custom Program
LMGPR developed a thorough PR campaign that would not only educate on the dangers of IoT, but also give real-world examples to prove the need. Leveraging Bastille’s expertise and world–class research team, LMGPR was able to devise and successfully execute two key media campaigns around original research: MouseJack and KeySniffer.

On February 23, 2016, Bastille introduced MouseJack, a massive security flaw in wireless mice and keyboard dongles leaving billions of PC’s, MACs and millions of enterprise networks at risk of being breached. Prior to the announcement, LMGPR conducted media outreach, securing embargoed briefings with top-tier security and business press. The announcement was covered by more than 85 media outlets globally including Forbes, WIRED and Fast Company. LMGPR built upon the company’s momentum releasing the 2016 MouseJack Security Vulnerability Survey Report, which looked at the effects and subsequent behaviors Bastille’s MouseJack discovery was having on businesses and individuals. The report was well-received garnering placement in key security pubs including SC Magazine, Threatpost and Dark Reading.

On July 26, 2016, Bastille unveiled its second major discovery of the year. Dubbed KeySniffer, this security flaw found in wireless keyboards allows hackers to eavesdrop and capture every keystroke a victim types in 100 percent clear text from as far as 250 feet away. During LMGPR’s outreach, it was imperative to present KeySniffer as a legitimate threat and highlight the differences between KeySniffer and previous wireless keyboard vulnerability discoveries. It was also important to distinguish the differences to journalists and editors who had previously covered the MouseJack discovery and reiterate that this was 100 percent new research and deserved to be treated as a standalone discovery. As a result of LMGPR’s efforts, the KeySniffer announcement was another success resulting in more than 100 key placements including BBC, The Washington Post and TechCrunch.

Business Impact
The media coverage influenced by LMGPR has made a notable impact on Bastille. With limited visibility prior to 2016, Bastille is now seen as a pioneer and thought leader in the bourgeoning IoT security space. Through its enhanced visibility, Bastille has received several key industry awards and recognition including a 2016 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award, a 2016 Gartner 2016 “Cool Vendor” in Cloud and Emerging Technology Security, and a finalist in the 2016 RSA Innovation Sandbox competition, among others. LMGPR’s successful outreach and execution has positioned Bastille for future success and momentum as the company enters its next phase of growth with its impending general availability launch of its product.

“LMGPR consistently sets ambitious goals and not only delivers, but exceeds expectations. Their ability to execute creative and thoughtful media and social media campaigns underscores that they not only have the tenacity and connections to achieve success, but also a deep understanding of what types of stories will resonate with the media and how to guide that narrative into top-tier media placements.” – Ivan O’Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer, Bastille



  • Over 50 million impressions from media articles
  • Over 100 features and stories secured in top-tier media outlets
  • Notable industry awards & recognition from Red Herring, Gartner, RSA, and more

Social Media Impact


  • Over 8,000,000 impressions on Bastille social media platforms
  • Over 700,000 consumer video views on owned video content
  • Over 25,000 likes, shares, comments, and clicks originated from social posts
  • 1,800 original and unique social posts driven by 120 campaigns