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Our Approach

The Changing Media Landscape

Since the inception of the Loughlin/Michaels Group in 2002, the media landscape has changed dramatically. As a result, the same old way of doing PR and marketing just doesn’t work.

The media business is undergoing a rapid transformation as newspapers, magazines and trade publications move to alter their revenue models and recast their editorial product. Some online news outlets and key bloggers now wield as much influence as traditional media. Broadcast media are engaged in a cycle of creative destruction as audiences continue to fracture and new delivery mechanisms threaten the established order. Social media has become an important source of influence and dialogue, with or without company participation. Taken together, these changes represent a tectonic shift in the fundamental underpinnings of the practice and discipline of corporate public relations and marketing.

New Thinking, New Approaches from LMGPR

This shift requires new approaches, new thinking and new ways of working with clients. The same old ways of doing things simply don’t work in today’s evolving media environment. Success today – proven by our track record – requires the ability to adjust and adapt rapidly. But it also requires a fundamental shift in thinking and in operating.

That’s why we created LMGPR Pulse™ to drive leadership, momentum and growth.

LMGPR Pulse™ Approach

Using our knowledge, experience and our understanding of the changing media landscape, we’ve created a new, systematic approach to public relations called LMGPR Pulse™. We believe LMGPR Pulse™ represents the most effective approach for driving business results in today’s dynamic communications environment.

LMGPR Pulse™ is based upon the art and science of influence in the digital communications age. LMGPR Pulse™ is built upon three key components: Strategic Positioning, Social Influence and our Strategic Story Engine.

When these components are combined, LMGPR Pulse™ is designed to support:

  • Marketing, including branding and positioning
  • Business Development, including strategic partnerships and new product development
  • Sales

The goal of LMGPR Pulse™ is to leverage public relations to create new business opportunities, increase sales and create category leadership.

Strategic Positioning

Strategic Positioning is about gaining traction in the market and staying ahead of the competition. With new product cycles getting shorter and shorter, new competitors popping up overnight and new channels of influence able to rapidly move markets, it’s no longer good enough to confine communications plans to the next few months. With Strategic Positioning, we put systems in place for monitoring competitor moves and adjusting our plans on the fly, for influencing market analysts, for establishing thought leadership, for creating the kind of positioning and messaging platforms that create category leadership, and for developing the strategy and tactics to reach the target market and influence purchase behavior.

Social Media Communications

Our Social Media Communications module includes the full range of digital communications and channels of influence. Online news outlets require new tactics of engagement. Bloggers require unique care and feeding. And social media provides a tool for thought leadership, brand building and developing a new class of influencers who can drive sales and market positioning. All of which can be used to target and influence your key stakeholders. Our Social Media Communications module puts the power of social media and digital communications to work for our clients.

As with our Strategic Positioning, our Social Media Communications activities are integrated into our Strategic Story Engine.

Strategic Story Engine

Our Strategic Story Engine is a proprietary tool for developing story ideas that gain media coverage and that resonate across the digital and social media landscape. Based upon years of practical experience and a deep understanding of the new media landscape, our Strategic Story Engine was built upon the mechanisms that drive media coverage and social media interactions. It is based upon a systematic approach that leverages our interaction engines to generate story ideas that get media traction and further our client’s business goals. It can also be employed as a tool for depositioning competitors.

One Thing Hasn’t Changed – Our Commitment to You!

Amid all this change and reinvention, one thing at LMGPR remains constant: Our commitment to our clients.

We pledge to all our clients to consistently develop creative, realistic, cost-efficient and effective plans; to execute those plans with aggressiveness and tenacity; to operate with the highest level of professionalism, collegiality and collaboration; and to always, always, always focus on delivering results for our clients that help drive category leadership while achieving their business goals and objectives. This will never change.